2017 Residual Income

If you can do any of these three things… you are qualified to do business asap!

1. Share sample products for FREE

2. Share an online presentation for FREE

3.  Share a business vision for FREE

Can you download an app and press a button?

If so… You have ran into the right blog today.!

Email me with the subject line, ” tell me more”  Include name  and potential name of your website




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Ready for 2017

Do you have your business cards stocked with your new information, have you ordered your postcards for your promotions, are you handing out your calendars with your business information on it, do you have your handouts for your new customers, or … do you need help with all of that?

Most of my business owners are emailing for help in all of those areas. They are getting their goals set for the 2017, getting ready to rock and roll. My network marketer customers are having fun letting their “done for you” system work for them.

What about you…where are you in your plans for 2017 regarding your promotional items? Leave us a comment?  We want to make sure we don’t miss anyone!

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You Have What It Takes, so go get what you want!

My friend told me last month.. You know, I don’t have much time I work 2 jobs.  I then asked her why do you have two jobs and you are a mom?  She could not answer me.  I told her to think about something… Why make things harder than they are?

Sometimes it will take the right person to introduce you to something different before you will believe “It works!”  I am a mom who would rather work smarter … not harder.  80% moms I know work Harder … not smarter.  I am not the one to judge, but I do like to tell everyone I know when I find something better and easier.  Comment or Like this post if you agree and share with others!!

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Rising Trend in Personal Care because of the cost of Healthcare on the rise!

For millions of individuals, self-care is an activity overlooked yet a serious element of everyone’s daily life.  There are great benefits for individual’s physical, mental, or emotional health.  This can include not getting enough sleep, and keeping your immune system updated  to promote emotional health.

You probably have never thought of emotions as being related to wellness.  Wellness looks different to everyone, but two things are core components:

  1. Mindfulness of one’s needs
  2. Progress toward bettering your overall HEALTH

You would be surprised with the simple solution to a better health available in this world.  If interested in free newsletter about jump starting your personal care comment on this post with just the word LIKE.  Are you ready to take control of yourself?  If yes, Comment below!  ***don’t forget to send me a message to personalassistant75020@gmail.com****


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Pills Pills and More Pills

Are you tired of taking pills?  When you go to the doctor, do they always tell you there is something needing to be lowered or controlled?  Do you have migraines?  Do you like NATURAL?

I have tried an all natural product which is the best thing tried in years.  So glad I don’t have to worry about the feeling of waking up having to go back to sleep because of my headache or a migraine.  Stop being the test and be proactive with your issues.  I know some of you are sick and don’t want to help yourself.  You have to know that … if it work, why not uses self-help.

Comment on the number of prescriptions you take and share with others … lets see how may response we can get.


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Massive Exposure for your Network Marketing Business

now       One of the best ways to find your target market in network marketing is to know where to find the type of people you want in your team.   Tailor your message to those individuals in a powerful way to stand out.  When you are trying to expose your business to a massive amount of people, you have to use events to assist.  Invite them to your home, to have coffee as a big group, or to your business event.  The key is the more people you have come meet you somewhere to hear details, the more massive exposure you will get.  It is all about the numbers.

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Max out Monday’s

Monday is the day for Network Marketers to do busy work.  For corporate America jobs, a Monday can be the worst day of the week. Network Marketing moms can make their Monday the planning day  or the max out day.  Your max out day can consist of doing all recordings for YouTube, and auto post for Facebook, Twitter, and other networking sites.  It’s almost your Monday…make the most of it and Max out your Monday!

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