Planning as a Network Marketing mom is a MUST!  Don’t worry I will teach you how.

First, go get your pocket calendar out of your purse.

**** If you DO NOT have a pocket planner, add this to your “To Get” list for the next visit to the store.

Take a look at the space available on your calendar, if you have plenty of room–continue …

*****If you DO NOT you must shop for a new pocket planner/calendar

Your computer calendar or the calendar on your phone works great too.

Next, work on planning a week out from today.  If you have a full time business plan for 5 days (part time plan for 3 days)  Make a goal for yourself for all of the days you plan to work your business.   (If you have a team of people, do forget to put them on your calendar.  Never be to busy to help your team!)  Be sure to log busy child activities, any chores you have planned for the week, and any appointments.  Make sure your goals are reachable according to the time available around other plans.

Then, go grab your spiral notebook, planning binder, or composition notebook (my favorite).  ***keep everything together regarding meeting these goals*** Write down the 1st date then write the steps you will take to meet the goal of the day.  Continue with the dates you will work for the rest of the day.  Yes, your calendar will be full, but as long as you plan first it will give you an outlook on what is coming up.  Also, you will have an idea of how many things you will have to get done for the day.

Finally, at the end of the week (on your day off from activities) create a report for yourself to include:  results for the week, things you have accomplished , and things you will do different the following week (NOT each detail, but just a summary).  If you meet all of your goals for the week, TREAT YOURSELF!  You deserve it!

This is a great way to plan as a mom, because we get so busy with life and activities that sometime by the end of the day we are ready to go to bed but no business activities were accomplished.  This planning method will help you stay motivated to make things happen daily to meet your monthly goals.  Start today, It works!



Don’t worry if you are looking for someone to partner with in a Network Marketing business, I am here email ( me at anytime to let me know you would like to check out what is working for me and my family.  I am glad to share with any and everyone.  No you don’t have to be a MOM to check out what is working for me!  I share because I know I am partnered with a GREAT team of Network Marketers.  Don’t worry about what you will have to do because what is working for me is DONE FOR YOU!



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I work with entrepreneurs who want flexibility of working from home. If you are seeking to achieve your financial goals I may be able to help you out!
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