What are you going to do if you DON’T!!!

Have you ever thought about what you are going to do if you don’t?

I am one who would NOT!

I have a “go getter” mindset!  I love how happy and motivated I am!  My why is so big, I can not quit over any negative comments.

Don’t sit back and say, “man I wish I had”!

Make your decision tonight!  Are you missing a leader to push you toward your goals?  If you are..I would be glad to help you!

Let me know by sending me an email to personalassistant75020@gmail.com  Subject: 123 Ready (include in subject)

I will send you a starter email after I receive your request!

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I heard her say…”we did not have a good turnout at the event!”

“Your doing it all wrong”!  I learned a secret about promotions at table events.

I know of many businesses who have a problem with traffic to their table and sales after giving out hundreds of dollars of promotions.

Before your next promotion I have something I would like you to try.  Everyone who is willing to try something new … success … by meeting or exceeding their goals.

Why not have a purpose for your next promotion!  If you have a comment about your previous promotion feel free to comment.  We want to hear about success or not so good turnouts.

This would be more of a learning experience, not a negative.



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You would not believe the SMALL membership fee!

Be somewhere you want to be!

I am where I want to be.  I love to share the things I find out.  Today is your chance to find out about something that make since.

It makes since to get free items, it makes since to pay less than 10 dollars for your membership.

I found it and I am willing to share with you what this is.  I will need to either speak with briefly about some options, but we can just use email

I will also be there to tell you the ins and outs, to make sure you meet your goals!

Millions of folks are looking for something to supplement income, healthy products, and other things.  Send me an email with the Subject: Interest to personalassistant75020@gmail.com

This will just be information for you to make a decision.

What are you waiting on…you will be happy I like to share things!!!

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Each day there is a goal to be accomplished.

Monthly goals are already set, but the small daily goals are what will get me to the weekly and monthly goals.

it helps to stay focus, because that is what keep the payments coming in for your business.

Everything is a finger tip away!

Plan ahead and work the plan!

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“How can everyone else do work for their business, with kids?” “Do I need to buy something to help me?”

Join my FREE email list.  We are starting a 21-day challenge to help you get to your next level/goal.

I will personally send you an email for 21-days of activity and exercises.  I will also follow up with you to make sure you are getting where you want to be with your goals.

This 21-day challenge is FREE!

Send me an email to personalassistant75020@gmail.com letting me know to add you to the email list.

Tell me your name and email address and SUBJECT:21 day challenge

With love,


P.S. If you do nothing else with this information, just reading all emails will give you so much more drive to start showing yourself what you are capable of doing.  You will get more work done than 90℅ of moms wanting to work on their business.



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My Appointment with my Leader made things SIMPLE

I learned from my leader – in network marketing if you follow the leader (meaning someone who is doing the things you want to do)  you can do what your leader is doing.

So, first find the leader who is doing the things you want to do.  Next, watch what they are doing and follow the leader.

Don’t try to recreate the wheel, the information given to you by your leader is proven to work.  If you are told the company has a Done For You model …just use the system.

My leader told me, there is a training call  and to get on the call at 8pm.  So what you should do is … get on the call for their will be  valuable information to help you out.  If you don’t do what you are told to do, how do you expect to get where you want to be?


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Plan your “plan B” while doing your “plan A”

Set your income goal today.   A bunch of us live pay check to pay check because we don’t plan for more money.   It’s never too late to start planning for more income.   Stop stressing and start planning.   Help is just a click away.

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